DashDeals Tutorial: Access Hundreds Of Deals In Seconds

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In this tutorial we are going to cover how to get started with DashDeals in a few minutes.

DashDeals allows holders of select NFTs to access deals from discounted Apple Gift Cards to reduced Discord Nitro Subscriptions.

Step #1: Enter Your Crypto Address

Paste your Ethereum or Solana address to get started here. Please use the address that is associated with the NFT you own that is eligible for DashDeals. A full list of eligible DashDeals NFT Collections is available here.

Once you enter your address, hit the search icon, and create your account. We will then start identifying which NFTs you own, this process takes a few minutes.

Step #2: Verification

To start accessing your deals, you need to verify that you are the owner of the address by connecting your wallet. To do this, open the verification center in the right header area and then click the "verify" button next to your address.

This is a simple and standard process using open-source libraries that allows you to prove ownership of the wallet. AssetDash does not gain any "write" or "transaction" permissions and no transaction is generated. All of this can be verified in the messaging in your wallet.

Once you connect - you are verified and can start accessing Deals!

Open the verification center in the right top corner
Connect your wallet

Step #3: Get Deals!

Once you are verified - it is time to get your deals!

Simply click "Get Deal" on any offer that you are interested in to get your unique coupon code. Then head to the store website in the top corner of the pop-up and use your code at checkout to redeem your deal. It is that easy.

Make sure you check back regularly as we launch limited and exclusive deals on a weekly basis.

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