Top NFT Portfolio Trackers 2022

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If you wanna keep track of your investments within the crypto universe all by yourself, you’ll probably end up having a not-so-great time. Given that the digital currency ecosystem is a relatively new thing, everything is growing and changing at a quite exponential rhythm, and keeping up with all the activity going on in this market is essential to achieve your goals.

NFTs (short for “non-fungible tokens”) have proven themselves as the next best thing in the crypto – at least for now. The possibility of owning variable digital art pieces has really shaken not only in the crypto niche, but also the mainstream world

The advent of NFTs also propelled its own following of collectors interested in the current and potential values of these digital assets. 

Some people may be interested in maintaining a solid collection while others may be more interested in the idea of just flipping the NFTs to make some quick money, but the point is: keeping track of NFTs value has undeniably become a big deal.

And that’s why the AssetDash team decided to make a selection of the best NFT portfolio trackers available in 2022. 

What is a NFT Portfolio Tracker?

Just as the name suggests, a portfolio tracker is a tool that provides helpful data regarding your asset allocation and overall status of investments across multiple platforms. Therefore, an NFT tracker will provide the same information, related to the NFTs in your wallet. 

A platform like this offers many benefits, number one being the organization factor. Keeping the data about all of your NFT investments in one place is extremely helpful in order to observe your overall performance and the status of your goals as a crypto investor. 

The best trackers available will show you just enough information so that you can see what has to be changed about your investment strategy, while also offering the tools needed to apply such changes.


I mean, we had to be here, right? 

AssetDash offers a great NFT portfolio tracker app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Our tracking app allows you to keep a close eye on the development of not only cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but also stocks and ETFs. 

Here you have a single easy-to-use dashboard where you’ll be able to track value on all of your investments. AssetDash’s compatibility supports Ethereum, Solana NFTs, EVM-compatible DeFi and more, going beyond 100 platforms and integrations.

New asset classes are also constantly being added to the platform, as our main goal is being able to support every format of our users’ financial endeavors.

Our portfolio tracker app also puts out users’ privacy first. The app was designed by cybersecurity experts and everyone is enabled to utilize our tools anonymously. Only information required upon signing up is your email. 

You can download the AssetDash app here


Zapper tracker platform has monitored more than one million assets since the beginning of 2020. More than $11 billion has been invested in the platform.

Zapper is also one of the best track wallet trackers because of its compatibility. It currently supports about 244 DeFi platforms and does basic management of cryptocurrencies across several networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain and more.

The layout of the platform is quite simple and very user-friendly, showcasing information clearly and providing value for assets through a supported network categorization. 

Users can also enjoy other functionalities such as token swapping and transferring assets between supported chains – which allows for a more integrated fluid analyze-and-invest experience. 

Integration with other well-known platforms of the crypto niche is also enabled, with users maganing to deposit assets into them through Zapper; this includes: SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, Compound, and more. 


Next we have the NFTBank, which exists exclusively as an NFT tracker. That means that this tracker was specially developed for the management and value analysis of NFTs only. 

The main interface will show data about overall profits and losses, total inventory value, your total spending, and other important data. 

There’s also tools that allow you to explore the value of other NFTs you’re considering for your wallet, share data about your progress with finance advisors and colleagues and follow other people’s portfolio and get a real-time feed. 

Apart from offering a very specific and detailed breakdown about your NFTs value, NFTBank really allows you to explore options. You can search collections on platforms like Ethereum, Polygon, and more, in order to track floor prices, newly listed NFTs and more.


DeBank is an NFT portfolio tracker with extensive compatibility and highly advanced analysis tools. 

The tool allows you to track your full portfolio across more than 330 DeFi protocols on 8 chains. DeBank’s system is compatible with platforms such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Chronos and more.

The data provided is quite detailed – to the point that it can be a bit overwhelming to a person that is not-so-used to investment tracking & analysis, but nothing you couldn’t get used to. 

Amongst the important information provided are breakdowns of your current inventory value across multiple platforms, NFTs floors prices and more in-depth data about amounts staked in each of your wallets. 

You can also find sections on the platform that keep track of your active contracts and provide analysis on potential risk exposure.


To close up our list we have DappRadar, a multi-compatible tracking tool that allows you to manage & analyze data from NFTs, DeFi projects and even games. It’s also specially designed to please newbie investors, with a very elegant and engaging UX.

As with any good investment tracker, DappRadar will enable you to track NFTs and DeFi portfolios and create new investment strategies using the information provided. It also allows you to explore other projects that are not yet in your wallet while evaluating their potential. 

And as the name implies, you can track and discover several different dapps, as the platform hosts more than 7000 of them. 

Token Swap as well as token discovering & analysis are amongst some of the other interesting resources you can find on the tool.

To Keep Track of your NFTs is Really Important 

Using a tracking assistant tool has to be seen as an essential part of the process of becoming a successful crypto investor. As we’ve said, organization is key, and analyzing your investment choices in order to comprehend your strong points and areas that need improvement is something extremely valuable that should not be underestimated. 

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